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The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" can be so true. So I have been drawn to do some "Photography Series Projects that will say a thousand words!

I am doing a series on different concepts. Why am I doing this? To showcase the beauty of life! For example, one series is "OVERCOME MY SCARS" which showcase photos of women who have overcome real physical scars on the body. Because society determines a woman's beauty by her physical appearance and if she has any flaws she is devalued in some way. I empathize because even as a man I experienced a bit of that after my motorcycle accident in 2004. The scars from my bike landing on my right leg and then being drugged for 50 yards, get a certain look when people see them when I'm wearing shorts; you should have seen my leg before it healed . So I can just imagine what a woman goes through when she has a mastectomy, surgery or injury that causes her to have a major scar.

So how does this tie into my photography series? My mother had a double mastectomy and I remember distinctly her saying one day, "so I lost my breasts, that's not going to stop me from living!" I want to help women overcome that feeling that, that scar has taken their beauty! I want them to know that their beauty is so much deeper! That is what this Photo Series will convey.

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So I am looking for women (some series are gender neutral) who live in the Southeast Michigan area that want to participate in these photo series. If you are interested or knows someone interested in modeling (over 18 years old) please contact me @

Now seeking participants for the expose' photo series projects!
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