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Boudoir is an amazing experience. While you may think it is more common to have a woman photographer, I want to share a few reasons you should consider hiring a male boudoir photographer for your experience.

1. Find the photographer who makes you feel comfortable, accepted, sexy, and with a style you like. They will have you excited reminding you that you are beautiful, powerful, sexy and special. These qualities are not exclusive to either gender, so remember the photographer should be the best at their craft and make you feel relaxed and comfortable above all.


2. Men and women typically see women differently. Through a different set of experiences, a different mentality, and a different intent/goals. What men find sexy and what women find sexy are typically different things. A woman might say, "That old tank top? That isn't sexy." But a man might say "I love that tank top on you, when you are casual and walking around the house is when you are sexiest.”

3. Because my clients are getting these portraits as a gift for their husband (usually), they want a man's opinion and perspective. 
Me: “Which pictures do you want in your gift album?” 
Her: “You pick them out since you are a guy, you will know what he likes more than I will!” 

And if I needed to get a gift for my wife I would probably ask a woman for advice.


4. A common consensus is that it can be easier for a woman to show her sexy side in front of the camera with a male photographer because its a dynamic they are somewhat familiar with. 

4. Playboy, FHM, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated Swim Suit are mostly shot by male photographers. Boudoir as an industry is dominated by women photographers because of the perception that the client and her spouse will feel more comfortable if they are shot by a woman. Know that both male and female photographers are focusing on posing, lighting, emotion and experience. We are really not looking at 'you' but at creating the best images. I promise you will have a comfortable, fun and professional experience. 


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