I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to email me at askMYphotography@gmail.com


Q: Where are you located? 

A: I have a home based studio located in Southfield, Michigan. About 20 minutes from Downtown Detroit.

Q: Do you shoot TFP?

A: (TFP = Time For Photos. A collaboration between the model & photographer so both can use the photos. There is no money exchanged between them.)  Yes I do, but it must be something that is creative and will benefit me creatively and/or promotionally.

Q: What do you look for in a model?

A: Creativity for the most part, passionate, a willingness to try, trust, and have fun I'm an 'About It' kind of shooter. I am very passionate about photography, looking for spontaneous & impromptu photoshoots, so I am not very good with people who are not as passionate.


Q: How do I set up a shoot?

A: Please send me a Facebook, Instagram message or use the Contact links above. Include a link to one or more low res. jpeg photos of yourself (at least one needs to be a full length shot), list what type of photos you shoot, and what you might be interesting in shooting. I am not overly picky on who I work with but if you can't show up on time, are a prima donna, or love drama, we will not work well together.

Q: What are sessions like with you?

A: I try and make them very laidback & fun. We discuss what we will be shooting beforehand. I definitely need to know what you are not comfortable shooting (Your “I don’t shoot this” list) so I don't ask for this during the session. We set up a time to shoot, show up, you sign a model release, and we start shooting. I am somewhat of an introvert so sometimes I can get quiet, I am trying to get pass that, so please do not take my quietness as a reflection of the shoot. I usually just need a little time to get comfortable.

Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A: No, I do not. I discard duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. 

Q: What type of photography do you shoot?

A: I shoot headshots, boudoir, nude, cosplay/fantasy & fashion. 


Q: What's your policy toward escorts?

A: I don't have a problem with them if the model does not. If you would like, bring one person who is cool and fun to be around. I understand you are bringing them to make sure I am safe to work with however, if they make you uncomfortable, you seek approval from them, they are judgmental, or they have input on what you shoot; don't bring them. If that person is your escort, we should not work together. Either way, I need to know before the shoot whether an escort is accompanying you or not; because I may need an 'escort' in case your 'escort' turns out to be crazy as hell.  Also the escort can't be a fellow photographer, the fall into the category of "offering unsolicited input".  You need to have a talk with the person accompanying you before the shoot, the only reason for them is your safety, if that is not the concern then they should not come. If they have comments to help you pose, etc, during the shoot, they need to keep it to themselves when the camera is going. They aren't seeing you down the barrel of the lens and honestly, if they want to photograph you, they should... at a later time.


Q: What is your photography style?

A: I love being creative, using unique perspectives, angles, compositions and artistic post-production to bring out the model's personality and beauty. I pride myself on not just being a photographer, but rather an artist creating unique and expressive imagery. To see examples of my quality and style, please visit my Portfolio as well as my blog. 

Q: Do you help a model pose?

A: Yes...up to a point. If someone is lost I will provide direction. The sessions are collaborative so when working together  we both know what we are after. The how to get there is usually taken care of as I'll suggest an emotion based in a situation. We tweak the action from that.  My job at its height is to chose how the camera will record the emotion/action, the model's is to find and showcase the variations on that theme. It's a process of revisionism.  Basically before a session, you want to have facial and body expressions for moods down. Blank expressions or the same stance over and over produce at best repetitively tired shots. 


Q: Do you touch up all the images in our image download?

A: Yes I do. Every image I deliver is touched up. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections. Many photographers will not post produce any images, or will only post produce “select” images. This means that you may have pictures that are too dark, have strange skin tones or other common photography flaws.

Q: What is the difference between advanced and custom; and why are there additional costs for a custom retouch?

A: Advanced post-production includes touch-ups such as removal of blemishes, removal of bags under eyes, removal of fly-away hairs, etc. On the other hand, custom post production is anything that requires extensive, custom work in Photoshop such as removing entire objects from the scene, changing the size and shape of body parts or other objects in the scene, adding objects to a scene and other custom work. I charge hourly for the custom post-production as the time required ranges depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for a quote for custom post-production.


Q: What rights do I have to the digital prints?

A: You have the right to reprint images whenever you want, also you can post to social media, etc for personal promotion. However, you may not alter, apply filters, crop, remove logo, sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of MalkiYah Photography.

Q: Do you provide the RAW files from my session?

A: I do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from shoots because I believe in delivering a finished product.  However, on very rare occasions, I may provide RAW images along with our post-produced JPG’s for an additional fee and restrictions.


Q: What will I get from a Session?

A: At the end of the shoot we'll pick 8 to 15 images to work on. (Note- the amount of shots chosen is based on the length and quality of a shoot. A full shoot, 4 hours is usually 8 to 12 images. You’ll receive regular updates from me on where I am in processing your shots- an Edit Update list. If there are many models work ahead of yours it could be two weeks to two months before I finish processing your images. When I’m done you’ll receive a download link of photos with my logo watermark from the session (only photos from paid sessions will be watermark free). NO removal of my logo in any manner- through cropping, cloning, etc.; nor altering the image is allowed without my written consent. If you have done this, I would recommend taking the pictures down.


Q: What if I lose my images?

A: There is a $100 replacement charge for additional downloads after photo gallery has been archived. I strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it.


Q: What type of payments do you accept? Is there an additional fee if we pay via credit card?
A: I accept cash, Google Pay, CashApp, Bitcoin, credit card. & trade. Yes, the retail adjustment fee for all credit card transactions is 3% of the charged amount.

Q: If we cancel, will we receive our retainer fee back?
A: Unfortunately no. Retainer fees are used to reserve your date. Once I’ve reserved your date, I do not accept new clients for your date. That retainer can be used for rescheduled appointment, however that appointment must be within 30 days.

Q: If we change our appointment to a different date, will we be able to use our retainer fee towards a future date?
A: Generally yes, but this is taken on a case by case basis. The reason for canceling and our availability is taken into account. Also, if rates change from your original date to your new date, the new rates will apply.

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