Malkiyah Yisrael is an awarded photographer & micro-film maker, as well as a publisher of 2 photography books; native of the Detroit Metropolitan area. The most rewarding part of what MalkiYah does is seeing how images create joy and happiness. MalkiYah loves turning each and every image into a special treasure to be valued for a lifetime or even through the generations.


I've always been a creative, artistic person; and a visual person. My father was a professional painter and photographer in the 60's & 70's. I inherited my talents from him & a higher power seemed to be nudging me in that direction all of my life, but I never took them serious enough to pursue them growing up. They were a hobby, my escape from reality. 

But now I'm at a place in my life where after a 15 year career in law enforcement I desire to feed the passion of my younger days. 

I find it magical to capture a moment in time that can evoke a rainbow of emotions when looked upon. 

                                                                                          ~ MalkiYah

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